Modem quang E1/V35, Veecom FME-2

Modem quang E1/V35, Veecom FME-2


  FME-2 is high-speed fiber optic modem with two E1/V.35 interface optional. 

  The two interfaces of FME-2 can be V.35 or E1 (G.703), and also one can be V.35,
  another is E1 (g.703).


  The data transmitting rate is from N*64K (N=1-31) to 2048 Kbps.  

  The clock is optional internal, external and slave.


  To achieve point to point testing, FME-2 can process the diagnosis of some troubles
  though the switch AL, DL and RL.

  There are many indicators LEDs on the panel to display work state, such as PWR, 


  E1 (G.703) interface comply with ITU-T G.823, G.703 and G.742, it can be impedance balance120ohm (RJ45) or unbalance 75ohm (BNC)


  The requirements to the fiber can be single mode/multi mode, single core/double core,
SC/FC/ST, 2km/20km/40km/60km

  Power supply: AC 220V or DC -48V.



  FME-2 provides two interfaces of E1(g.703) or V.35, and the rate to every transmitting channel of E1 or V.35 can be up to 2Mbps. It was made by ASIC circuitry technology, we can also call it " PDH"

  Obviously, the advantage of this equipment is reduced the cost. It can achieve fiber to V.35 directly in stead of using the PDH and converter. What's more, the clock (slave) of local FME-2 will automatically follow the clock (internal/external) of remote FME-2 ,so it's very easy to operate.



Fiber optic type:                                    8.3/125um 8.7/125um 9/125um 10/125um

Transmission distance:                            0-60KM                                     

Fiber optic interface:                                SC

Length of working wave:                           1310nm/1550nm

Transmitting electrical level:                      0-6dBM

Receiving sensitivity:                                -36dBm

Decaying:                                               1310nm window 0.4dB/km,
1550nm window 0.25dB/km                   

Data interface:                                         V.35/E1 (G.703)

Data rate:                                                N*64Kbps (N=1-31): 2048Kbps

Transmission mode:                                 Synchronous

Line interface:                                          Balance120ohm (RJ45) 
nbalance 75ohm(BNC)

Test Mode:                                              Local simulative loop back; 
 Local digital loop      
 Back; remote digital loop back

Power:                                                    AC 220V or DC 48V

Power consumption:                                 5W

Dimension:                                              240mm*215mm*50mm (L*w*H)

Temperature:                                                           0oC-50oC

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